More than £4bn is being invested in the regeneration of Elephant and Castle. This investment includes new homes, better transport and public realm, improved shopping and leisure, new schools and community centres, and thousands of new jobs and training opportunities.

Elephant and Castle Partnership was formed to steward this regeneration and help achieve the best for the area and its people.

A new town centre and 5,600 homes

We want to help shape an area that reflects, respects and builds on all that’s good in the area, while helping it to realise its full potential: potential for the people who live and work here; potential for its economy and potential to be a great place to spend time.

A new town centre is being built along with thousands of new homes and new parks and public places.

By 2025 more than 5,000 new and replacement homes will have been built in the neighbourhood, of which at least 2,300 will be affordable homes. The Elephant will be home to a new major London park as well as three new public squares, new pocket parks and green spaces. We’re also creating new routes through the neighbourhood, making it easier and more enjoyable to walk around.

The Elephant is known for its diversity – diverse cultures, businesses and architecture. This diversity is something to be cherished and developed. We want to sustain the area’s unique personality and we want to support and enhance its distinctiveness.